“The solutions all are simple – after you have arrived at them. But they’re simple only when you know already what they are.
-Robert M. Pirsig, Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance”

The 1977 BMW R100S – The direct descendant of the legendary R90S, and a perfect solution in and of itself. This beauty made its graceful entrance into my stable in April 2008. The purpose of these chronicles is to document my life and times with this magnificent, classically sporty motorcycle.

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November 17, 2012 – 41,739 Miles: I gave her a fluid change to prepare for winter storage.

May 28, 2012 – 41,241 Miles: A leaky neutral switch was replaced at  Tom Cutter’s Rubber Chicken Racing Garage.

  • 61-3-1-243-097 BMW Neutral Switch (sealed with JB Weld)

  • Transmission Fluid Change with Spectro Golden 80W/90

October 16, 2011 – 40,841 Miles: I gave her a fluid change to prepare for winter storage.

August 28, 2010 – 40,278 Miles: The final drive began weeping at the crownwheel seal, so I removed the unit and sent it to  Tom Cutter’s Rubber Chicken Racing Garage. Cutter returned the FD with brand new inner and outer crownwheel seals and a re-shimmed crownwheel bearing, and I then reinstalled it. The FD looked like this prior to spline lubrication with Honda Moly 60 and final installation.

  • 33-17-2-311-098 Gasket (Qty 1)

  • 35-21-1-230-360 Felt (Qty 1)

  • 33-12-3-004-343 Seal (Qty 1)

  • 33-12-3-004-337 Seal (Qty 1)

  • 33-11-2-311-096 Cover Gasket (Qty 1)

  • FD Fluid Change with Castrol 80W/90

May 5, 2010 – 40,117 Miles: I gave her a fluid change and replaced the marginal Yuasa wetcell with an Enersys Genesis XE16 we had lying around at work.

May 30, 2009 – 39, 382 Miles: Replaced both fork tube filler cap gaskets, which were leaking. They were leaking because they were incorrect – somewhere along the years, someone had placed rubber o-rings where the aluminum gaskets should have been, and once disintegrated, they began to leak.

  • 07-11-9-963-384 Filler Cap Gasket (Qty 2)

April 25, 2009 – 39,254 Miles: The old wheezing stock horn was replaced with a new low-tone FIAMM on a 40A relay at the spectacular 2009 PA Spring Tech Day.

April 10, 2009 – 38,717 Miles: The R100S got some new goodies to firm up the handling. The Paioli rear shocks were replaced with some tasty new YSS shocks, while the front end received a racy CCP fork brace. Klaus Huenecke of EPM Performance Imports set up the rear shocks to my liking, and they feel great!

  • CCP Fork Brace installed (Black Powerdercoated – PICTURE)

  • YSS RE302-340-T Emulsion Rear Shocks with Threaded Pre-Load Adjustment installed ( PICTURE)

July 9, 2008 – 38,140 Miles: One of the Martek ignition’s sensors went bad, causing the bike to misfire under load as the engine got to normal operating temperature. To address this and some other issues, I took the bike in to Tom Cutter’s Rubber Chicken Racing Garage. Cutter’s reputation as an Airhead Guru is well deserved, because now that he finished with it, it finally runs like an absolute dream. Tom replaced the old Martek with a new Dyna III Electronic Ignition I had lying around for my R75/5 project, adjusted the valves, carburators, cables, and steering head bearings. Finally, he came up with an ingenious, effective and cheap solution to my shorn steering stop boss problem, by drilling and tapping the existing boss with some buttonhead screws, which now effectively function as extensions of the boss. If only I had discovered Tom Cutter earlier, I could have saved myself alot of headache and expense!

  • Dyna III Electronic Ignition (PICTURE)

  • 12-12-1-243-182 BMW Spark Plug Cable

  • Valves / Carburators / Timing Adjusted

  • Steering Head Bearings Adjusted

  • Cables adjusted

  • Steering Stop Boss repaired (PICTURE)

  • Farley sidestand installed

June 12, 2008 – 37,547 Miles: As usual when buying a bike this old, I’ve been tinkering more than riding lately! I broke the right hand switch control housing by overtightening after adjustment, I added some sweet sounding Epco Stainless Steel “Sport Mufflers,” replaced the mirrors with new Napoleon Bar End models, replaced the stock thin grips with thicker aftermarket models, and had the carbs rebuilt with all-new brass as well. All mixing tubes, chambers, jets, and needles were replaced with new OEM equipment of stock size.

  • 61-31-1-243-246 BMW Right Hand Switch Control Housing

  • 13-11-1-336-902 BMW 40mm CV Carburator Rebuild Kit

  • All New brass for both 40mm CV Carburators

  • Epco Stainless “Sport” Mufflers – ( PICTURE) & ( VIDEO)

  • Napoleon Bar End Mirrors (black) – ( PICTURE)

  • New Generic rubber grips – ( PICTURE)

May 10, 2008 – 37,440 Miles: I removed the final drive and had the stripped driveshaft oil drain retapped to accept a standard Oilhead final drive oil fill plug, since I had an extra laying around for my R1150RT. Everything went without a hitch and the FD is totally leak-free now. I also had Klaus Huenecke of EPM Performance recharge the rear Paioli shocks, which had totally empty reservoirs. The R100S rides very nicely now! All that’s left is the clutch and steering stop boss, both of which can wait until winter.

  • 33-11-1-451-349 BMW M14x1.5 Oilhead Final Drive Oil Fill Plug (PICTURE)

  • Rear Paioli Shocks recharged with Nitrogen to 8-bar.

April 2008 – 37,388 Miles: Black 1977 BMW R100S picked up with 37,348 original miles. It includes some tasty extras, such as the pristine Lester mag wheels and Paioli gas-charged rear shocks. The bike is on its second 1.144-3.09 speedometer, as the first one gave out at 35,290 miles. This S is cosmetically good, but required some TLC mechanically, as shown below. Still left to do: The original driveshaft oil drain is stripped and now occupied by a makeshift plug, the clutch is nearing the end of its life, and the steering stop boss on the frame has worn away, allowing the S-Fairing to hit to the frame on full stop. We will address the oil drain plug shortly, and the steering stop boss over next winter.

  • Rear Lester wheel rebuilt with all new spacers and bearings – there was over 1/4″ of play in the wheel when the bike was picked up!

  • 62-11-1-356-746 BMW Instrument Cluster Housing & Lenses – the original was ruined by a previous owner who tried to access the speedo through the top section (PICTURE)

  • 62-11-1-356-671 BMW Rubber Gasket for New Instrument Cluster Housing

  • 11-00-9-056-145 BMW Oil Filter kit with Dynacycle 20W/50 Semi-Synthetic Blend

  • 61-31-1-243-414 BMW Oil Pressure Switch (old one was leaking oil) (PICTURE)

  • 11-13-1-395-427 BMW Oil Pan Gasket (old one was leaking)

  • 11-32-1-262-995 BMW Pushrod Tube Seals (old ones were leaking)

  • 32-73-2-324-958 BMW Clutch Cable (old one was binding)

  • 11-00-1-338-422 BMW R100 Top End Gasket Kit – new base and valve cover gaskets

  • 13-72-1-254-382 BMW Air Filter

  • 12-12-1-338-145 Bosch W6DC Spark Plugs (Qty. 2)

  • New Quaker State 80W/90 Hypoid Gear Oil for Driveline

  • Valve Adjustment and Carb Synch

  • Bob’s BMW 02-004 Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines replace the tired OEM rubber lines (PICTURE)

  • Speedy Bleeders installed on ATE 40mm front brake calipers

  • Progressive Fork Springs #11-1101 replace original stock springs.

  • Brown Heavy-Duty Sidestand installed.

  • New Gas Filters installed (PICTURE)

  • New 1156 Bulb installed in rear tailight.

  • New BMW Vacuum Screws & Washers are installed on the 40mm Bings – old ones were missing .