Related Harley Links

The Yahoo Sportster Owners Group. A great place to share Sportster-related info with fellow enthusiasts. We also go on Club rides several times per year. A MUST-SEE!!

The Sportster Homepage. Without a doubt, this is the greatest online resource a Sportster owner has. A huge amount of info, pics, and the great XL Mailing List are all contained. A MUST-SEE!!

Rickko's Conversion. Rickko is a friend, an endless source of Harley info, and the inventor of the ingenious Rickko-Lifttm (a working bike-lift which you can build for about $20). Also included are detailed instructions on 883->1200 Conversion and Yost Power Tube installation. A MUST-SEE!!

Dr. Ernie Kim's site. Ernie is another friend, and he also has a Thunderstorm-equipped beast. His site has an EXCELLENT pictorial and detailed instructions on the conversion. A MUST-SEE!!

BERT LINSON'S SITE: A newer site with a great collection of useful information.

The V-Twin Cafe. A great place to go for performance enhancing tips and techniques. My bike is featured in the Horsepower Gallery.

HEAVY-DUTY CYCLES, CANADA- Engine guru Donny Petersen's shop up in Toronto. In depth technical articles shed light on a variety of topics.

Related Downloads

Sportster Speed vs. RPM Computron: Click here to download an Excel Spreadsheet which you can use to determine your Sportster's speed at any given RPM, or vice-versa. The ratios shown are for 1998 Sportster models, so be sure to change them as required for your XL's model year. You can find your gear ratios in the Factory Manual or brochure for your model year.

V-Twin Rumblings: Click here to download the infamous sounds of the V-Twin we all know and love. 


Black Echo's American Angst: A hysterically accurate look at some aspects of the "Harley Culture."




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