Project Description

“Four wheels move the body – two wheels move the soul”.

Replacing my 2009 BMW R1200RT as of September 10, 2014, this new 2014 Morocco Gold FLD arrived as a blank canvas, ready to modify and customize to my specific requirements. The purpose of this site is to document my life and times with this classically-styled motorcycle.

August 28, 2015 – 10,339 Miles: FLD is sold

June 22, 2015 – 10,124 Miles: 10K service was completed by the good folks at Iron Cycles Inc. in Jamesburg, NJ. 

May 13, 2015 – 8,382 Miles: I replaced the exhaust system with a Rush for better heat management and sound. This system uses the midline 2.25″ baffle.

March 5, 2015 – 6,086 Miles: We’re finally thawing out after the long, cold winter. My major winter project was designing and fabricating an aluminum mount for my new Rushmore King Tour Pak. The end result attaches via stainless steel hardware to a standard fixed-position Harley Dyna rack, for a very secure fit. The bike is now a single passenger machine. A Batwing fairing was added as part of an upcoming article for Thunder Press. And of course, some other odds and ends were added as well.

  • Harley-Davidson 33745-09 Black Slotted Shift Linkage installed

  • Harley-Davidson 90200570 Leather Single-Sided Dyna Swingarm Saddlebag installed

  • Harley-Davidson 62700017A Premium Dyna Oil Cooler Kit installed

  • Mustang 76117 Wide Vintage Solo Saddle installed

  • Harley-Davidson 52036-08 Fender Bib installed

  • Harley-Davidson 52796-09 Rigid Solo Rack installed

  • MKL Aluminum Tour Pak Mount installed (attached to 52796-09 Solo Rack) (PICTURE)

  • Harley-Davidson 53000399DTC Rushmore King Tour Pak installed (PICTURE)

  • Harley-Davidson 90300030 Tour Pak Lock Kit installed

  • Harley-Davidson 53000323 Premium King Tour Pak Fitted Lining installed

  • Harley-Davidson 52300312 King Tour Pak Backrest Pad installed

  • Harley-Davidson 79179-08 Chrome Tour Pak Air Wing Luggage Rack installed

  • Harley-Davidson 68000112 Air Wing LED Brake Light Kit installed

  • Screamin’ Eagle 31944-99B 10mm Spark Plug Wires installed

  • Memphis Shades 2330-0017 Batwing Fairing (painted to match factory color using Color Rite paint) installed (PICTURE)

  • Memphis Shades 2320-0013 Polished Trigger Lock Hardware Kit installed

  • Memphis Shades 2350-0170 9″ Smoke Spoiler Windshield installed

  • Memphis Shades 2350-0111 Black Wind Deflectors installed

  • Memphis Shades 3508-0020 Big Zipper Pouch installed

  • Memphis Shades 2350-0110 Aluminum Fat Slotted Windshield Trim installed

December 17, 2014 – 5,005 Miles: 5K service was completed by the good folks at Iron Cycles Inc. in Jamesburg, NJ. 

December 1, 2014 – 4,372 Miles

  • Progressive Suspension 11-1154 Front Fork Springs installed

November 19, 2014 – 3,543 Miles: I took the FLD to the dealer to address some warranty issues, and picked up a nail along the way, necessitating a new rear tire. Ugh! Also installed some wind deflectors which made a world of difference in reducing highway buffeting.

  • Harley-Davidson 14100063 Right-Side Tank Badge (replaced under warranty – original was peeling)

  • Harley-Davidson 90200426 Right-Side Saddlebag Latch (replaced under warranty – original wasn’t aligned properly)

  • Harley-Davidson 90200702 Right-Side Saddlebag Gasket (replaced under warranty – original wasn’t aligned properly)

  • Harley-Davidson 38722-94 Windshield Spring Latches (Qty 2 – replaced under warranty)

  • Dunlop D401 Rear Tire (stock size) installed

  • JESCustom Accents gloss black wind deflectors for FLD installed (PICTURE)

October 31, 2014 – 3,339 Miles: I modified the headers and wrapped them in exhaust tape to reduce the extreme heat they radiate. Added a few more odds and ends as well….

  • Header pipes modified and wrapped

  • Progressive 444 13″ Rear Shocks 444-4039B installed

  • Harley-Davidson Nostalgic Heated Hand Grips 56619-03B installed

  • Harley-Davidson Sissy Bar Aux Brake and Tail Lamp Kit 59429-04A installed (PICTURE)

  • Harley-Davidson Bar & Shield Medallion 91745-02 installed (PICTURE)

October 19, 2014 – 3,013 Miles: A few odds and ends added….

September 9, 2014 – 1,032 Miles: Break-in was gently completed around town for the first 500 miles as instructed, and then the FLD was brought into standard commuting duty. First 1K service was completed by the good folks at Iron Cycles Inc. in Jamesburg, NJ. All of my aux lights from the RT were transferred over to the Switchback, and more storage was added throughout. The mods continue!

  • Oil & Filter Change with Dynacycle 20W/50 Semi-Synthetic Blend

  • 1,000 Mile Service Performed including all required fluid changes

  • Cee Bailey’s 18″ Clear Windshield for FLD installed

  • Mustang 1-piece Vintage Wide Touring Saddle installed

  • Mustang M-76499 Vintage Sissy Bar Pad installed

  • Harley-Davidson 69758-05 Front Turn Signal Visor Kit

  • Harley-Davidson 29773-02C Stage 1 Air Intake Kit installed

  • Harley-Davidson 613000123 Round Black Bobber Air Cleaner Cover installed

  • Dynojet Power Commander V Tuning Module installed

  • Clearwater Erica Dimmable LED Light Kit installed (transferred from 2009 BMW R1200RT) (PICTURE)

  • Clearwater Darla Dimmable LED Light Kit installed (transferred from 2009 BMW R1200RT) (PICTURE)

  • Motolight Brushed Aluminum Light Kit installed (transferred from 2009 BMW R1200RT)

  • Harley-Davidson 70900171A Analog Speedometer / Tachometer installed

  • Harley-Davidson 92068-08A Satin Black mirrors with integrated LED indicators

  • Rowe Electronics PDM-60 Power Distribution Module installed

  • Kuryakyn Super Deluxe Wolo Bad Boy Air Horn installed

  • Harley-Davidson 70248-02B Black Left-Mount Aux Switch Housing Kit with 3x 71718-02 Switches installed

  • Rox Risers 44-8462C Chrome 3″ Riser Kit installed

  • T-Bags TB3500RKWB Large Windshield Bag installed

  • Hopnel Saddlebag Rail Bags installed (left & right)

  • Signal Dynamics #02723 LED License Plate Frame installed (PICTURE)

August 29, 2014 – 2 Miles: The new Morocco Gold FLD rolls home, replacing my former 2009 BMW RT. It’s a Harley, so I already had a boatload of functional accessories ready to bolt on before any serious miles were logged. We’ll see what else needs to change as the miles start accumulating, but I see some real suspension and a comfy seat in the near future.

  • Screamin’ Eagle 64900137 Nightstick Exhaust (Black) installed

  • Screamin’ Eagle 65400088 Exhaust Heat Shield Set (Black) installed

  • Harley-Davidson 25454-01 Black Fin Derby Cover installed

  • Harley-Davidson 32677-01 Black Fin Timer Cover installed

  • Harley-Davidson 69733-05 Visor Style Headlamp Trim Ring installed

  • Harley-Davidson 67700139 Headlamp Modulator Kit installed

  • Harley-Davidson 69757-05 Rear Turn Signal Visor Ring Kit installed

  • Harley-Davidson 52735-85 Standard Medallion Sissy Bar installed on 52300070 Detachable Sideplates

  • Harley-Davidson 54290-11 Air Foil Premium Luggage Rack with 68000076 LED Brake / Running Light Kit installed

  • Harley-Davidson 90201044 Dyna Switchback Rear Saddlebag Guard installed

  • Harley-Davidson 49320-09 Gloss Black Engine Guard Kit installed

  • Harley-Davidson 50000032 Jiffy Stand Extension Kit installed

  • Harley-Davidson 69462-06 Rear Turn Signal Brake / Running Light Module installed

  • Mustang 93355 Tank Pouch installed