May 20, 2011 – 6,800 Miles: Terri’s pregnant again, and has decided to give up riding until the kids are grown. So, the faithful R850R was sold off to a fellow BMW enthusiast from Canada.

April 23, 2010: Terri traded her faithful 1971 R60/5 in for this immaculate 1996 Ascot Green R850R, which had only 6,174 miles on it at purchase. The deal included a fresh 6k service at the selling dealer, and the bike runs beautifully. As part of the service the dealer installed a brand new front brake master cylinder as well. The previous owner added many desirable extras, such as the black powerdercoated RCU 07010 Aluminum Backrest / Rack with Cordura sack, BMW’s full-size Touring windshield, BMW System Cases, and BMW’s integrated tachometer and clock mini-gauges. Some minor farkelization awaited the R850R upon its arrival, all designed to personalize it to Terri’s tastes. With a 9 month old baby girl, Terri’s riding time is limited, but with this spotless R850R what little there is will surely be most enjoyable !

  • 46-71-2-316-487 BMW Valve Cover Protectors Installed (PICTURE)

  • Wunderlich Fender Extender p/n W8110079 Installed (PICTURE)

  • Bob’s BMW Brake Lever Enhancer p/n BPE1 Installed (PICTURE)

  • Bob’s BMW Sidestand Foot p/n BPE1 SSF11 Installed (PICTURE)

  • 51-14-2-328-269 BMW 3D Roundel Logo on Bob’s BMW Fender Logo Plate p/n FLP-1 Installed (PICTURE)

  • Motoequip RK-2 and RK-5 Black 3M Reflective Vinyl Tape Kits for BMW System Cases